Some thoughts from Canon McMann for Trinity Sunday – 7th June 2020

In our NT reading for today (2 Cor.11:13) we hear a closing challenge from the Apostle Paul to the Church in Corinth:- ‘Aim for perfection…; be of one mind; live in peace’.

Perfection? Oh my goodness! Who is going to claim that? Certainly not me! And yet… When and however we are clothed in Christ that is how God will accept us. It’s nothing our frail nature can achieve. It’s a gift; albeit an underserved gift, but one freely given through the Christ who died on the Cross so that sin loses its power over those bold enough to approach him. Astounding, fantastic, amazing grace.

We become ‘clothed with Christ’ by desiring to live, as closely as we are able, within the will of God. Thus we are changed, become a new creation; the old has gone – even if the ‘old’ may try to surface from time to time.                                              ‘[I am] a new creation

No more in condemnation,

Here in the Grace of God [I stand] goes a popular chorus based on 2 Cor.5:17.

‘One mind’? Oh, no, we can’t all agree all the time. We are not ‘robots’ with programmed computerised brains. We don’t all think the same, process information the same way, or are interested in the same things. We can’t all grasp nuclear physics, understand different languages or the finer points of art in all its forms. BUT we can wonder at the spectrum of human intelligence and agree to disagree WELL when that happens.

To disagree well has love at its core and a deep desire for the will and way of God at the heart, and humility to accept we don’t have a monopoly on right or truth but are all loved equally.

My heart is over flowing,

My love just keeps on growing,

Here in the Grace of God I stand

If this perfection, this love could be achieved then peace, harmony, could be expected to be a Holy outcome. Wonderful, heavenly! There would be a growing sense of communality, of being one great family where all are equally loved, equally respected, equally protected; and where each should afford to the other the love, respect, protection they expect for themselves (Matt.7:12).

Then the light, no longer under that bowl but high on the lamp stand, could be the beacon to draw others to truth, and freedom and peace and communality. Together we might just live the hope expressed in Dave Bilbrough’s song.                 And I will praise you lord

Yes I will praise you lord
And I will sing of all
That you have done

A joy that knows no limit
A likeness in my spirit
Here in the Grace of God I stand.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

2 Cor.13:13